British Genius, Inventor & War Hero

What makes someone a genius? Is it their brilliant mind, is it their ability to invent things that change the way we live, or is it that they have that rare spark? Perhaps it is all these things…

Alan Dower Blumlein was a British genius electronics engineer and inventor. At age 38 on the 7th June 1942, Alan’s life was cut short during a wartime accident.

Alan Dower Blumlein filed 128 patents, on average one for every six weeks of his working life, most notably the invention of Stereo along with crucial contributions to telecommunications, television, and radar.

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Worthy of ranking with Alexander Graham Bell, Emile Berliner and Thomas Edison

The Audio Engineering Society posthumously awarded this certificate to Alan Dower Blumlein as an “Audio Pioneer”, on the 2nd March 1978. In recognition of his remarkable work on telecommunications at the beginning of his career and for the invention of Stereo on the 14th December 1931 when Alan was just 28 years old.

The Invention of Stereo

Blumlein’s most iconic contribution as a British electrical engineer.  Blumlein patented and pioneered audio recording methods that changed the music and film industry forever.  Recording 2 Audio channels onto a single record groove.

Discover more about Alan Blumlein’s great strides in audio transmission in the early 1930s.

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H2S Radar – Top Secret Development

Alan Blumlein’s last but most important contribution for Britain during the Second World War.  In the 1940s, along with his EMI colleagues, Alan lent his invaluable expertise to a project called H2S Airborne Radar.

It is a story that ends in tragedy, but a key development that helped shorten the Second World War. Learn more about the vital development behind the H2S Radar.

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